Content Checklist

This content checklist serves as a guide to ensure that you don’t miss any proven best practice with regards to content creation

Is the sender always clear?

This is by far the most important principle. The sender, i.e. your company name, logo and visual identity, needs to be clear from the first second to the last in a video, and be clear in every image, text and other piece of content you create. Otherwise the value of the communication will be attributed to many players in the industry (often distributed in-line with what share of the market the different players have). This is a no miss in 100% of the cases.

Does the content provide value?

Your content needs to provide a clear value, for example utility/educational value or entertainment value (or both).

Is your benefit clear and easy to understand?

It has to be clear what the benefit is of choosing you as a partner in your industry. If we ask 10 people who saw the content why your company is the right choice in your industry they should all have a very clear and common answer.

Does the content stand out or is it unexpected?

It is proven that unexpected content drives deeper memory structures and consequently more sales. That said, it still needs to be in-line with your brand character. So stand out in a way that is relevant to you.

Is the content as short as it can be?

People look at their phones on average 150 times/day. Their patience is rather little for every single time. Therefore, always ask yourself if you can be even more to-the-point.

Is the content personal and is there a person delivering the message?

People relate to people. We also have a built in natural instinct to look back at someone if we notice that they look at us. Therefore, having real people in your content is key. Consistency is another proven driver of deeper memory structures, so consider having the same people in the content over time.

Does the content have a clear call-to-action?

It’s important to be clear about what you want people to do in case they want to take the next step.

Is the content linked to your industry?

Many people would be interested in Lionel Messi showing his best tricks, but if it isn’t linked to your industry in an intuitive way it will not be efficient.

Is the content genuine and in-line with your brand?

It’s important that every piece of content reflects who you want to be. Also, genuine and transparent content drives more engagement than glossy content. You don’t have to make every production of the highest technical quality, it’s about the value you communicate not the perfection of the production. Consider taking people behind the scenes of your industry and explain how it works.


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