A Christmas gift about personal leadership

As the world continues to change at an accelerating pace, the number of options for what you can do with your life, time and energy will increase at the same pace. Personal leadership has never been more important, or as Singularity University puts it: “Your fate and destiny will be in your own hands as never before” (ref).

Some years ago I wrote a book about personal leadership called “Opportunities”. I first wrote the book with 300+ pages, and then I asked myself how many people will read 300 pages about personal leadership? I then re-wrote it to 23 pages, and since then many people have read it.

As a small Christmas gift I’m sharing the e-book for free via this link for you to perhaps read or share further with someone you think might want to read it.

The first chapter in the book is about role models and mentors as a way to find out more about yourself. I would really encourage you to get at least one mentor if you don’t have one today. Consider this: Imagine there are two people about to go from school to work life. One of them has for the past 2 years had a mentor in the industry where she wants to work, someone she has talked to about the dynamics of the industry, the players, the challenges etc. The other one has not. Who do you think is best equipped to get a job with the leader in that industry? They are lightyears apart. This goes for other areas you need to learn about as well, take digitalization as one example. A CEO who has a couple of brilliant digital mentors is lightyears apart from one who has not. So get a mentor, and get one for your kids and friends as well.

Rounding off this year with the core of personal leadership: You decide what you pursue in life and how you manage your energy & time. There is nothing you cannot pursue. You have time to do anything in 2017 if you make it a priority. “I don’t have time” is always a lie, “I’m not making it a priority” is the truth. What will you pursue?

Merry Christmas!


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