Digitalization simplified

This article isn’t trying to be fully exhaustive on digitalization in all its glory even though it’s the longest article on BrandBlast to date. The goals with this article are to 1) provide an easy-to-use thought framework that you can apply to any digitalization work in your company, and 2) pick a couple of insights from each part of the framework where we go a bit deeper to make it meaningful and actionable. As this article is rather long, here comes a summary:

Use the CCC framework for digitalization:

  • Core – Be clear about the mission with your business and pretend that you would start your business today using all amazing digital technology available – how would you do it? That’s how you digitalize your business model, and what start-ups do every day. This said, the point about being clear about your objectives is equally applicable to subparts of digitalization. Why do you want to have a new IT system? Why do you want to train people in social media? Why do you want to start with programmatic marketing? Being clear about why will help you do the right thing.
  • Capability – Ensure you have and continuously build the right capabilities. You do this by creating a culture of curiosity in your company and complement it with a corporate and individual learning plans.
  • Change – Ensure you always Optimize and Innovation across all areas of your business. Have a weekly optimization meeting with a small loop team to lead progress. Innovate by taking any big problem in your business, brainstorm radical solutions and add digital technology to see which ones you can make amazing. If you are a big company, break out a group of your best people with the brief to put you out of business using digital technology.

As always, keep it simple, think BIG and have fun!

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