The “magic” number that every advertiser should include in their media brief

Right now most advertisers are behind the curve of digital adoption in society, and in many cases the gap is very wide. The difference vs some years back is that the advertisers know it, and they know it’s not setting them up for success. Despite this, they struggle to make the changes necessary to create a marketing plan that reflects people’s behavior. Why is that? Why does it seem to be glue in the hallways?

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Do something different

Do you know multiplication? What is 90% reach times zero cut-through?

I’m always amazed by how very industry-generic almost all communication is. Why do so many marketers think that “blending in” is the right strategy in a world of 3,500-5,000 messages per day (Yankelovich)? What is keeping marketers from breaking free from expectedness? Why do I even have to write this seeing how obvious it is?

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