I started AlwaysBeInnovating because I want to help people, specifically leaders, to keep at least an even pace with the changing world around them. As the world is changing faster and faster it will become increasingly important to have a plan for how to not only keep up, but lead.

As such, I try to take rather complex areas and simplify them to make them actionable. I hope that you who are reading this will engage in this discussion, since our work will never be done, and things will never be perfect. We all live continuous lives where we always need to evolve.

My passion is all about enabling people and organizations to define clear values, set high ambitions based on their values, and then go after them by continuously learning new things and innovate. That’s it.

At this very moment, the world is currently being disrupted in particular by (digital) technology, so naturally a lot of the material you will find on this site is linked to that.

Read more about me and connect via LinkedIn.

Start small, think big and have fun!


Johan A Eriksson - Lifelong learner

All things expressed in this blog and all things related to AlwaysBeInnovating are my own opinions and not necessarily those of my employer.


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