Coding – A 1-pager that will get you and your children started

Everything in the world is becoming more and more digital. 90% of the world’s data was created in the last 2 years alone, and digital technology is getting integrated into everything – from coffee machines to cars, houses and eventually people. In this world it becomes important to understand how to use digital technology to solve problems, and that is what coding is all about. Not everyone will work with coding, but just understanding the fundamentals of coding will make life easier and easier as the world develops…

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Agency dating checklist

Don’t start with who you already know and work with. And don’t start with your own fantasy objectives and strategies. While on the dating scene, they risk impairing you from the get-go. Instead open up by meeting A LOT of people from various agencies. Ask 25 people that you trust who the best agency they ever met is. Invite those. Try to figure out if they show potential for a deep relationship. Listen to their arguments. But don’t rely on gut alone. Ask all of them the same structured interview questions and analyze the answers. Scrutinize your potential partners carefully will save you a lot of time later. The below set of questions can serve as a starting point for a structured assessment.

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