Have a meaningful mission and tell the story

“When 6,000 students at the beginning of their career have been asked where they prefer to work Google is number one. The reason? The company is best in explaining why it exist.” […] “IKEA is number two in the study that is made by Academic Work and the market research company TNS Sifo. Like Google, IKEA gets credited for their clarity around their purpose.”

– Svenska Dagbladet (www.svd.se), June 26 2015

I’ve written about this before, but surprisingly few companies are good at telling the story about why they exist. Most companies actually don’t tell any story at all. Why is this? Today there is a lot of indications showing that having a meaningful purpose/mission is one of the main factors of attracting, retaining and motivating top-talent. It also guides innovation and all activities in a company in the same direction. Still most companies do so little in this area. Why?

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A coaching guide for a rapidly changing world

The world is changing at an increasing speed, and with that comes more demands on leadership to keep up. To simplify I’ve created this coaching guide for a rapidly changing world. As with everything else it’s not exhaustive, but aims to guide the light towards the most important things. These are 1) being clear about the mission towards which to guide all efforts, 2) knowing what the toolbox of emerging technologies looks like (capability), and 3) innovating towards the mission using all available tools.

So, try using this coaching guide towards peers, managers, direct reports and partners to see where it takes you. Have fun!

Tech Overview for CEOs

Looking at digitalization of industries, it will be increasingly challenging for leaders at all levels to know little to nothing about what technology can do for them. Therefore I have put together a first draft of a non-exhaustive Tech Overview for CEOs of some of the most rapidly emerging technologies such as Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Computer Vision and 3D Printing. My advice would be for you to read/look at/listen to something every week linked to emerging technologies. After 3 months you will have step-changed your understanding of what technology can do for your business.