We are all going to die, the question is how we lived

In times of Corona, we talk about saving lives. That’s however not what we’re doing, we rather prolong life, since all of us will ultimately die. That may seem like a dark view on things, but it’s really not, it’s just reality. So the question is not if we’re going to die. We are. The question is how we lived.

Some people start to think about whether they live meaningful lives as they face existential crises like Corona. I would argue that it’s always important to live a meaningful life, whether you face a crisis or not. If you feel the need to change what you invest your time in just because you face the possibility of dying soon, the question is whether you’re living the life you want to live?

I believe that a deliberate life with deliberate decisions has a higher likelihood of being a rich and meaningful life that contributes to a better society than an unconscious life that you live day-by-day. The way I believe we can go about making the most of the days we live is by doing three things:

1) Choose to choose – Chose to live a deliberate life where you make clear decisions

2) Identify your values – They set out the direction for the life you want to live

3) Learn and innovate – Make the journey through life in the direction of your values all about learning and innovating, testing new things

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