Why are you in business?

Any CEO should be able to take their phone and record themselves for max 1 minute, explaining why they are in business. Why they get up in the morning. Why they expect employees to get up in the morning. In what way they contribute to the world. It is for many reasons increasingly important to be clear about why you are in business, and that the reason is something people want to get behind. This will be one of the fundamental building blocks for succeeding with your marketing efforts.

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The only long-term sustainable competitive advantage

Do you agree that change is inevitable? If so, then per definition the ability to adapt, learn and develop is the only true long-term sustainable competitive advantage.

So, what are you going to learn in marketing next week? Tomorrow? Today? What did you learn last week? If you’re not intentional about your own and your organization’s learning then the risk is that you won’t learn as fast as your competitors are doing, which at some point will have a negative impact on your business. When private equity companies asks for my thoughts on how they should do a due diligence from a digital point-of-view I always begin by saying “Ask the CEO what their learning plan looks like. If she has a clear thought about learning that’s a very good indication.”.

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Reaching more customers builds businesses – Loyalty doesn’t

The best marketing book I’ve read is Professor Byron Sharp’s “How Brands Grow”. I’m delighted to see that the follow-up book “How Brands Grow: Part 2” is now available in store. There is also a 48 min video available on YouTube summarizing his first book. If you work with marketing or study marketing in any way I consider this book a must read. What I like with Professor Sharp is that he doesn’t favor anything, but rather seeks the truth proven by data.

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